Publication of first poetry & haiku collection, Surface (PRECIOUS PRESS, 2004).  Second edition, 2005.)

Second poetry collection: I Think We Have (Small Change Press, Brisbane, 2007.)

Third poetry collection, Eye to Eye (DE-REPRESSION PRESS, 2012.)


Over 300 poems and haiku/senryu published online, and in journals, magazines, and anthologies throughout Australia, Europe, and America, including First and Second Australian Haiku Anthology, The Best Australian Poetry 2007 (UQP, ed. John Tranter), The Best Australian Poems 2004 (Black Inc. ed. Les Murray), The Best Australian Poems 2009 (Black Inc. ed. Robert Adamson), The Best Australian Poems 2010 (Black Inc. ed. Robert Adamson), The Best Australian Poems 2012 (Black Inc. ed. John Tranter), Blue Dog, Dear Dad, Divan, Famous Reporter, foam:e, Frogpond (U.S.A), fourW, Fraglit (U.S.A), Going Down Swinging, Her Royal Majesty (FRA), Maintenant 3 DaDa (U.S.A), Mascara Literary Review, Masthead, Muse Apprentice Guild (U.S.A), Otoliths (U.S.A), Muse Apprentice Guild (U.S.A), The Perfect Diary, Peril, Qarrtsiluni (U.S.A), Quadrant, Said the Rat!, SALT-LICK, Shamrock Haiku Journal (IRE), Stylus, Social Alternatives, Space, spoken in one strange word, 3LIGHTS (U.K), Thylazine.


‘Spoken Word’ pieces appear on the compilation CD’s Going Down Swinging 2000, spoken in one strange word, and Poetry for Peace, and have been broadcast on television (Channel 31), and on radio shows ‘Aural Text’ (3RRR), ‘The Sunday Show’ (ABC 774 AM) and ‘Artery’ (JJJ).


Wheeler Centre ‘Hot Desk’ Fellowship through Melbourne PEN to translate the Turkish poetry of Hidayet Ceylan.


Poetry translations from Persian (with Ali Alizadeh, in Eyes in Times of War, Salt Modern Poets, 2006), Spanish, French, and Turkish (the poetry of Hidayet Ceylan in bulayt bulayt: poetry in four languages, World Poetry anthology, 2006).

My own poetry and haiku have been translated into Arabic, Russian, Greek, German (DAS GEWICHT DES GLUCKS, Kronach, Germany, 2004), and Dutch (



Edited and distributed Love & Fear: A Poetry Anthology (La Trobe University, 80 pages, 500 copies).

Editor, angles of a broken hill: Rooku & PoetryAnthology (Broken Hill Regional Writers’ Centre, 2008). 

Published and Edited Jennifer Allen’s first poetry collection, The Cut Worm (PRECIOUS PRESS, 2006.)


Co-editng (with Myron Lysenko & Leanne Hills) of ‘rooku’ component of ‘Moving Galleries’ Project, and member of Committee for Melbourne Review, enabling over 100 different pieces of short-form poetry by Victorians to be read for on  Connex trains.

Co-editor of and contributor to the Australian section of the first World Haiku Anthology,



Fragments from Notebooks’, In Pieces, Impassion Press (Seattle), 2006.

“Foreword”, Avant 2007 (Avant Press, Box Hill Institute of TAFE, Melbourne.)

“There Are No Stars: Notes on Syd Barrett’s Solo Albums”:

“Notes on Barbarianism”:


“EXHIBIT: Citylights”

Review writing, including


Review of Ian McBryde’s Slivers: Blue Dog Australian Poetry, vol 5, no. 9.

Review of Jordie Albiston’s The Fall:

Review of Dan Disney’s The Velocity of Night Falling




Spoken Word performances at Melbourne Writers’ Festival (2000, 2008), Newcastle Young Writers’ Festival (2002), Melbourne Emerging Writers’ Festival (2004), Queensland Poetry Festival (2005, 2007, 2011), Adelaide Fringe Festival (2007, with Henry Manetta and the Trip), The Noosa Long Weekend Festival (2006), and the Woodford Folk Festival (2008 and 2009), International Festival of Literature, Ideas and Translation (The Light in Winter Festival, 2012),  Tasmanian Poetry Festival (2012), as well as featured readings at seven different Queensland venues and over thirty different Victorian venues over fifteen years.



Regional Contact Officer, Victoria for The Australian Haiku Society, 2000-2006. (See

Member of Advisory Board and co-founding member of rookuTroupe, part of the team responsible for the Moving Galleries Project ( 


Committee Member, The Australian Haiku Society, 2006 – present

Secretary, Overload Inc., 2004, and Vice-President, Overload Inc., 2005.

Member, Melbourne Poets’ Union, from 2004.

Secretary of Clan Analogue Recordings 2004-






 “I Think We Have is a delicious sampling of Matt Hetherington’s reflective and meditative vision. I apologise in advance, but I can’t resist the pun: it’s a book I think you should have.”

            ~ Kristin Hannaford, Cordite

“Filled with gloriously picturesque images of love, longing, and death, as well as an array of dazzling insights…this collection, more so than any other poetry book in recent memory, is a must for anyone with a love of the written word.”

~ Tony McMahon, Inpress, 28.11.07.

“Matt Hetherington’s poem, ‘When I Am Not With Her There Where She Is’, the absolute stand out and one of the best contemporary love poems I have read in the last decade.”

~ Graham Nunn, Another Lost Shark (Blog)




“Matt Hetherington’s new collection of haiku and senryu, sweeping the dust (PRECIOUS PRESS, 2005) continues his fascination with and rapid mastery of these wonderful poetic forms. There are many thoughtful and concise poems in this collection, covering every gamut of the world in all its strange, sad beauty, as they chronicle his journey across northern India late last year.”

~ Ian McBryde, Artstreams, Summer, 2005.




“This is a welcome addition to the world of books. Hetherington’s lyrical poetry is evocatively compressed and is in turn sensual and spiritual. The forty or so haiku are excellent examples of the contemporary form – and worth the price of the book alone.”

~ Myron Lysenko

“These are rewarding poems. Any reader will find insights, questions, feelings which touch everyday lives…Here are startling and engaging definitions and descriptions: some lead to unexpected places, others carry powerful feeling obliquely and delicately. The reader meets a deeply interior range of writing with a containing intellectual discipline which…hints at unasked questions.”

~ Connie Barber



“…We as the audience were treated to…sequences of stunning haiku set to music (Carla Sari and Matt Hetherington).”

~ David Prater reviews Roo-ku (LIVE)

LIVE: Roo-ku (Overload Poetry Festival)

Having recently re-read Hetherington’s latest poetry collection I Think We Have (Small Change Press, 2009), and also heard the poet read in Overload Poetry Festival’s Class of ’99 last night, it’s clear that Hetherington himself is a true master of short poetic forms. With Electric Text, the Melbourne poet extends this talent to more than prove his editorial ear for the breathlessly precise and poetically succinct.

The Writing on the Wall – Maxine Clarke Reviews Electric Text

The Federation Square scrolling text poetry was what Overload, in it’s original and current conception, was all about. It brought poetry to the people – unavoidably, publicly, proudly, but somehow also cheekily and on the sly: planting poem-seeds in the cracks between closed-minded concrete slabs.

Overland Overloaded Maxine Clarke


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